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Jagriti Yatra Snapshot

Jagriti Yatra Snapshot

About Us

A 15-year-old initiative, Jagriti Yatra is leading a unique movement of ‘BUILDING INDIA THROUGH ENTERPRISE’ focused on Middle India (Tier 2/3 India).

In 2023, Jagriti Yatra and G20 Startup20 have partnered to accelerate the movement of entrepreneurship globally.

A non-profit initiative, Jagriti Yatra is a 14-day, 8000-km entrepreneurship train journey to inspire youth to become entrepreneurs. It has been running since 2008, impacting 7500+ youth from India and 23 countries globally. It focuses on Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts of India, (what is termed Middle India), and it is also creating an enterprise ecosystem in Eastern UP.

Refined over years, Jagriti Yatra is an innovation that been running for 15 years and has been replicated successfully in four other countries. Today, “Yatris” (Travelers) are a growing community of entrepreneurs in India and abroad.

Designed in an experiential format, Jagriti Yatra will give you unique insights into understanding Inclusive Entrepreneurship by immersing yourself in India of small towns and villages in company of 450 other participants, providing a unique learning and networking forum.

Jagriti Startup20
G20 Yatra 2023

Jagriti Sewa Sansthan and Startup 20 proudly announce Jagriti Startup20 G20 Yatra 2023, an extraordinary train journey dedicated to promoting inclusive entrepreneurship in India and spreading the message of Startup 20 nationally and globally. This initiative focuses on the objectives of the G20 and invites 70-100 international delegates to engage with experts and leaders, working on case studies and projects related to G20 priorities. The Yatra creates a powerful global narrative, supporting startups and fostering synergies among corporates, investors, innovation agencies, ecosystem enablers, and startups themselves. Collaboration and collective effort are key to achieving remarkable results.

Jagriti Yatra will be experince for G20 that will promote India as the capital of inclusive enterprise.

Participants will gain exposure to the international startup ecosystem, acquiring insights into inclusive practices and global networking. This opportunity expands horizons, fosters learning from diverse perspectives, and facilitates cross-border connections. During the 14-day program, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and receive actionable guidance. The focus is on building enabler capacities, identifying funding gaps, enhancing employment opportunities, and aligning with the SDGs for an inclusive ecosystem.

Key Elements

Axis of Learning

Join us for a wide-range of experiences to foster, nurture and actualize the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Engage with
Inspiring Minds
Peer to peer learning
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Meet an eclectic group of inspiring Yatris from all across India through our curated discussions and activities. Listen to their stories of enterprise, exchange ideas, create case studies, and collaborate on impactful projects.
Create Your Own
Business Plan
Biz Gyan Tree
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A competition for the Yatris to create business plans addressing the challenges of Middle India under the expert guidance of our mentors. Pitch your ideas to a jury, and get support through our incubation.
Immerse in
Sector Solutions
Panel Discussions
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A forum for interaction with some of the most renowned personalities from a range of high-impact fields in our chosen sectors, engaging participants in discussions of a broader national importance.
Learn from the Best EntrepreneursRole Model Sessions
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An immersive discourse with 12 iconic enterprises and the people behind them. Chosen for exceeding benchmarks and setting standards of excellence, these organizations are simultaneously leaving a measurable impact on the communities they serve and the nation at large.
Expo of
Jagriti Enterprise Mela
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Jagriti Enterprise Mela is designed to be a festival of enterprises. A expo of innovative enterprises that are working across rural and semi-urban geographies with significant traction and impact, all with a vision to build a better

Participants Structure


Participants are young candidates above 20 years who want to ‘be the change they want to see’ and have the potential to become entrepreneurs and change-makers.

G20 Delegates

G20 delegates are those who represent their respective country as part of the Group of Twenty (G20). In the context of Jagriti G20 Yatra, inviting a G20 delegate to travel for 14 days on a train signifies an opportunity to engage with and learn from an influential participant directly involved in shaping global policies and initiatives.


Facilitators are experienced professionals, over 30 years old, eager to join the Enterprise-led development movement. They may be entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, or other professionals.

Yaaro Chalo!

Are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and positive change?

Join us for the Jagriti Startup20 G20 Yatra 2023 and
be a catalyst for global transformation

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Thank you for submitting your application for Jagriti G20 Yatra.